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Nuttiness is happiness.

Ever met someone nutty who wasn’t happy? Neither have we. That’s why we created our new peanut flavour putu piring. It will bring a big nutty smile to any face.

Go on, try it. You’d be nuts not to.

How our putu piring can make all the difference...

Areas donating the most happiness...


Donate some happiness today and help make Singapore a happier place for all!

Our happy story.

Haig Road Putu Piring has been bringing bite-sized little chunks of happiness to Singaporeans since 1985. Putu piring are steamed rice cakes.

"We make them with rice flour and a filling of first-grade, pure palm sugar. We top them with freshly grated coconut, tinged with a little salt. And of course, a generous dash of happiness," says Nooraisha Hashim, owner.

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